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The AAMA is a not-for-profit arts facility dedicated to promoting multicultural artistic excellence and providing educational, historical and cultural opportunities to all ages, specifically the African American community, in visual, literary and performing arts; while encouraging interaction with the community through on-site and outreach exhibitions, presentations and historical research.

Our Programs

AAMA Cultural Education Enrichment Summer Camp:

The Museum conducts an Annual Summer Camp Program for three weeks during the month of June and July. The free Summer Camp includes fieldtrips, Outdoor Activities, Photography, Arts and Crafts, Dance and other fun activities for Elementary age school children. We also give High School students an opportunity to serve as assistants to help develop good work ethic and leadership skills.

AAMA History and Culture Research Library:

The Museum has a large collection of Books, Historic Magazine Articles, Periodicals, Films, CD’s and DVD’s on African American History and Culture. The Howard Thurman Lecture Books are included in the Research Library.

AAMA Know Thyself Lecture Series:

The African American Museum of the Arts presents the Know Thyself historical lecture series on the 3rd Saturday every other month.


The African American Museum of the Arts is seeking funding to construct a new museum as part of our Phase 2 Museum Complex vision. Our current museum is housed in an 800 sq./ft. facility which includes our main gallery for revolving exhibits, a small gallery for our permanent collections, a restroom a small office and a storage room . Please join us in our efforts to build a more spacious museum by making a donation. Donations of any amount can be mailed to the museum or through PayPal. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you so much for your support.

Featured Archive


Date Description Event
January 1, 2018 Cultural Event ECHO Rangers
January 2, 2018 Exhibition Richlin Ryan “Imprints”
January 20, 2018 Cultural Event Julius Francis Book Signing “Standing In The Shade”
February 3, 2018 Cultural Event ECHO Rangers
February 17, 2018 Cultural Event Know Thyself Lecture Series “Black History Greats” and Film Presentation (TBA)
February 19, 2018 Exhibition Oral History Exhibit – DeLand Community
February 24, 2018 Special Event Orange City African American Heritage Festival (AAMA participant)
March 10, 2018 Exhibition Ghanaian Artist Kwaku Addai
May 1, 2018 Exhibition DeLand High School IB Art Program
June 1, 2010 Summer Camp AAMA Cultural Enrichment Summer Camp


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